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January 28, 2021
7 - 7:40 pm

Over 160 talents. 11 finalists. 1 winner.
Creative minds from across Singapore took a chance on their vision and joined the TENCEL™ Art of Shoes,'s bi-annual shoe design competition. They underwent a 4-day Digital Footwear Design workshop and came up with their very own sneaker mini-collections.

On January 28, celebrate the work of our finalists and watch their designs come to life in an internationally-broadcasted fashion runway event.

At stake for the winner: a S$500 cash prize, a Footwear Design Diploma scholarship, and a work attachment opportunity with the CHARLES & KEITH Group.
to witness #ModernArtistry

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Dayyan Leng Leris - WINNER
The Archi-Luxe Capsule

The Archi-Luxe collection draws parallel to the layering of Singapore’s many aspects, inter-connected and similarly supporting each other to create a whole form that is only complete in the sum of its parts. This capsule in inspired by the Art-Science Museum with the spreading panels as well as the big sweeping structural curves.

For Dayyan, modern artistry within Singapore is prevalent through our architecture,  representing the importance of how our culture mixes the past and present, multiple races and multiple religions. An icon of this is the Art-Science Museum,  influenced by the lotus flower in Chinese culture: a modern representation for an ever advancing Singapore skyline.

Dayyan is the winner of the TENCEL™ Art of Shoes Design Competition!

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To Quinn, design is an essential tool to solve the world’s problems. The world is continuously evolving every single day and new problems always arise as a result. Therefore, as a designer, he feels constantly challenged to use his problem-solving skills to address environment, services and social  issues.

Quinn draws inspiration from all sorts of architecture and thereafter incorporates it into his designs. He also likes to place of emphasis on detailing and simplicity. For his design, Quinn chose the colour white as the core as it is easy to match with: in other words, it is selfless. Hence, his inspiration for this design was using the tone-on-tone approach and overlapping with hidden subtle details.

Quinn is the second prize winner of the TENCEL™ Art of Shoes Design Competition!

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Siraj Munir - 2nd RUNNER-UP

Siraj was inspired by buildings - such as the Dynamic Tower in Dubai - and skylines when conceptualising his designs. He wanted to make sure that the shoe designs had clean lines, so that - even if sneakers are casual - they had a formal, distinct look. The low top colors and materials were chosen to showcase the urban landscape and lights in the city skyline at night. The high top’s colorway, on the other hand, was to make a statement: bright and bold with a subtle touch of blue.

Much of the inspiration came at night, so he named the designs ‘The LAX’ and ‘The LAX High’ as nighttime is the time to unwind and relax. Why not do that and still look slick?

Siraj is the third prize winner of the TENCEL™ Art of Shoes Design Competition!

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Mahesi Pelawatte - PEOPLE'S ARTIST
Bombora Waves

For Mahesi, sneakers are the answer to every fashion qualm - trendy, comfortable and suitable for any occasion or mood. They boast infinite versatility so the possibilities are endless!   Bombora Waves design was inspired by the colours and waves of the sea and sand. Pastel coloured TENCEL™️ swatches gives a minimalist look and the shoes are made from environmentally sustainable fibres which is soft and breathable. It’s not only good for the environment but also perfect for an active lifestyle.

This can be worn with any outfit as the colours of the design are simple yet fashionable. Whether you’re looking for casual sneakers to wear running errands or the perfect finishing touch to your fitpic, Mahesi believes Bombara Waves sneakers will grab attention.

Mahesi is the winner of the People's Artist award by public vote!

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Ami Azman

For Ami, a balance of things is what Modern Artistry represents. She incorporated elements of design that are prominent in street art by using shapes, lines and colour to conceptualise her ideas. The fluidity of the shapes and lines represents her style and how she expresses her emotions.

Her collection portrays a statement of balance that people see in terms of colour and contrast. Throwing away the idea that light and dark is “good vs. Bad”- the pale Low Top sneaker denotes demureness and fragility, whereas the dark High Top denotes resilience and tenacity. Both portraying a strong positive emotion, the contrast in the 2 sneaker colour creates a sensual balance of people’s strength in expression.

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Felicia Aw

For Felicia, Modern Artistry is about radical chaos theory: the unpredictability of life and the act of embracing uncertainty in modern times. So she explored the “butterfly effect” theory during her creative process. Defined as the theory of small impacts having non-linear connections to a complex system, the “butterfly effect” teaches us to explore growth no matter how insignificant and to embrace the randomness in life that steers significant changes over time.

Felicia lives by the “butterfly effect” as it brings about ripples in her growth as a creative, and this design concept is her story and statement. Felicia incorporated shapes and colours inspired from butterflies and the eye as her representation of seeking and embracing one’s true inner self, and the chaotic growth around it.

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Jennie Amio
Pastel Graphics

For this design, Jennie found that comfort and practicality are important parts of a quintessential streetwear wardrobe. Jennie decided to follow that route and used zipper sand sock inserts as an alternative to shoelaces  for a quick and hassle-free change.

The patched linework on her shoes are loosely based on Keith Haring’s pop art designs. His graffiti-like works are easily distinguishable by the thick, vibrant lines and his signature caricatures of people. She adopted his bold linework by top-stitching different TENCEL™️ fabrics. As for the colours, she chose one of 2020s current colour trends - pastels - as many online influencers such as @wuzg00d and @alvssa_ sport these playful colour palettes along with their usual street style clothes.

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Joel Koh
Le Pompidou

In his design process, Joel wanted to deviate from the common influences of the sneaker design/culture such as Skateboarding, Basketball, Music and Art while reflecting his own view and perspective. Being in architectural design, he wanted to explore the possibility of translating design concept(s) of a built environment or a piece of architecture into a pair of sneakers.

His inspiration was the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. The Pompidou Centre was part of the Modern Architecture Movement, its building design was unique and its construction method, ahead of its time. Interestingly, the Pompidou Centre functions as an Art Museum and a Public Library. Given its design rationale and functions, Joel believed it resonated well with the competition theme “Modern Artistry”.

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Muhd Syahid Tan

Syahid’s collection is a minimalist take on the nature and qualities of urbanity. The design takes queues from the diverseness and randomness of the vast assemblage of elements in the urban context. Mismatched yet complementary, the DUOs are designed such that the ‘perfect match’ in a pair of shoes is non-existent. Two colours are swapped around in both shoes in every pair (and between low and high-top pairs), creating odd yet complementary sets which captures the eye.

DUO comes as a set of naturally-mismatched sneakers that screams imperfection yet shows off a unique, bold and minimalist aesthetic with its colour-on-white canvas and clean muted lines (stitches and slit) to complement the look.

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Patricia Goh

Patricia’s design concept is from Japanese folklore - in particularly, the Kitsune, the Japanese word for fox.  She had always found their story interesting, and was fascinated by the design of the masks, whose symbolism makes it more than just a decorative piece.

Most Japanese people wear Kitsune masks on special festivals for fun, to pay tribute to the gods, honouring deities, or used for ritual practices. As for non-Japanese people, we do not usually wear masks for festivals nor many other kind of events. Hence, she decided to  incorporate the design into shoes, where we could wear them whenever we want.

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Yuanyi Liew
The Daring Disguise

Yuanyi's inspiration derives from Thai classical Masked Dance, Khon. One of her favourite characters in the dance is Hanuman, a magical white monkey warrior in Rama. Hanuman's white mask is highlighted in green and pink.

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Prize Winner
Footwear Diploma Scholarship worth over S$7,000

1-year Work Attachment Opportunity with The CHARLES & KEITH Group

S$500 Cash Prize sponsored by Crockohdial

Prize Winner
Footwear Diploma Scholarship worth over S$7,000

2.5-month Internship Opportunity with ALDO

S$300 Cash Prize sponsored by ALDO

Prize Winner
Footwear Diploma Scholarship worth over S$7,000

S$200 Cash Prize sponsored by Crockohdial


A picture of Birgit Schnetzlinger
Birgit Schnetzlinger
Head of Global BD Functional Wear, Lenzing
Birgit Schnetzlinger is in her role as Global Head of Business Development Functional Wear responsible for the development of the footwear and active wear segment in Lenzing.

The Lenzing Group stands for ecologically-responsible production of specialty fibers made from the renewable raw material wood. As an innovation leader, Lenzing is a partner of global textile and non-woven manufacturers and drives many new technological developments.  
A picture of Fredie Stevens
Fredie Stevens
Design Director, Charles & Keith
Dutch designer Fredie Stevens started her own shoe label whilst studying at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem. Her line was stocked in multi brand stores including Kashiyama and Colette Paris.

She learned the craft skills of making shoes by hand at the Dutch Healthtec Academy, using the knowledge of craftsmanship and design in her future jobs at luxury houses like Maison Margiela and Viktor and Rolf.

‍Currently, Fredie eads an international team of shoedesigners at Charles & Keith in Singapore.
A picture of Michelle Hee
Michelle Hee
Fashion Coach Manager, Charles & Keith
Michelle believes that fashion is for all, for her, how fashion is put together defines style. No stranger to the fashion industry, Michelle is a veteran that has helped designed and style many clothing lines for brands such as Bon Zainal Harun.

She also managed style consulting and training at Wing Tai Retail, Robinsons, and now oversees fashion training programmes within Charles & Keith.
A picture of Francesca Ratti
Francesca Ratti
Instructor, Arsutoria
Since 2017, Francesca has been a footwear pattern-making and prototyping instructor at Arsutoria, the referent for the footwear and leather goods industry for both design and engineering training since 1947. 

Prior to her current role as an instructor, she took on multiple roles as the footwear designer for the Women’s/Kids Collections of Wendel GmbH & Co, Detmold, Germany, a Footwear Design Assistant at Studio Marco Cotti Design, and designed freelance for style offices, whose clients included high end apparel brands like Fedeli and Gran Sasso.
A picture of Thomas Tan
Thomas Tan
Senior Design Consultant and Trainer,
Thomas Tan is a Senior Design Consultant/Trainer with Textile & Fashion Industry Training Centre ( He is a designer who has extensive experience in the global apparel manufacturing and retail arena.

He started his career working for local retailers, assistant stylist, textile designer and had been a designer with a renowned transnational apparel manufacturer, doing cut & sew knits, and have worked with retailers and brands such as Gap, Macy’s, Dockers, Target, JCPenny, Sears, Wal-mart, CK Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, among others.


This competition was brought to you by... logo
The Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre ( is the global fashion school without boundaries. The training arm of the Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFF), is also the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore. specially designed courses and programmes to prepare students for a creative career in the highly competitive fashion industry, and to help industry professionals develop and specialise. With specialties in Apparel Design, Footwear Design, Bag Design, and Fashion Business, offers unrivalled, continuously updated services, enabling to stay in line with leading national and international fashion industry standards.
Lenzing Logo
For the past 80 years and counting, Lenzing has strived to develop fibers for industries including for industry, brands and retailers - in sectors like fashion, beauty care, cleaning and hygiene, with a focus of caring for partners’ successes, the planet’s protection and people’s needs in everyday life.

Lenzing is the manufacturer of TENCEL™ Lyocell Fibers, a material made from sustainably-grown and procured tree fibres. Lenzing will be supplying TENCEL™ Lyocell Fibers at’s shoe-making workshops and for use in footwear prototyping during the TENCEL™ Art of Shoes Design Competition 2020.



Winners - Dayyan Leng Leris (1st Place), Quinn Ng (2nd Place), Siraj Munir (3rd Place), and Mahesi Pelawatte (People's Artist) - and Finalists - Joel Koh, Patricia Goh, and Felicia Aw - featured on Lianhe Zaobao (5 February 2021).
Finalists featured on Berita Harian article

Finalists - Syahid Tan, Ami binte Azman, and Siraj Munir - featured on Berita Harian SG (20 January 2021).
Photo of Finalist Dayyan with a logo of CNA 938

Finalist - Dayyan Leng Leris, founder of Sole Machina - featured on CNA 938 (16 January 2021).
Article of Art of Shoes Alumnus on Straits Times

Art of Shoes 2016 Alumnus - Clara Han, founder of Oleah - featured on The Straits Times (23 October 2019).
Article of Art of Shoes Alumnus on Straits Times

Art of Shoes 2018 Winner - Ian Sa- featured on Warna 94.2 FM (6 April 2020).
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